I am new to barre, how do I get started?

First, welcome to Be Barre Fit! You can sign up for classes online, by calling or in person. You should arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class. You will be welcomed by one of our team, after you fill out some quick paperwork, you will be shown around the studio the instructor will tell you what equipment you need and you will be introduced to other clients.

What should I wear?

Barre classes are fitness workouts, so you should wear athletic clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move easily. For women, we recommend long pants, leggings or capri's and a top that covers your midriff. Form fitting clothing like tighter leggings and tops can help you and the instructor see your form. Men are typically most comfortable in long shorts. Socks with tread are required to participate in our classes for safety and hygiene reasons, if you have them great if not, we sell them in the studio.

Can men take class?

While you will see many women in class, we do have male clients who love the workout as well! There are some incredible benefits of barre for men, including increased flexibility, improved core strength, and enhanced endurance. It’s non-impact, safe for the joints and a great cross-training workout for many other sports and activities. We encourage and welcome male clients to try Be Barre Fit.


Can barre help me loose weight? How many calories can I burn in a barre class? Do I need to be in shape to be able to take class?

Most students burn 250-500 calories in a class, and continue to burn additional calories for several hours after the workout, due to the intense muscle work. Just how many calories you will burn depends on a number of variables such as your weight, your fitness level, your age, your previous weight loss patterns, how hard you work during class, and many other factors. Of course, the best results will come from supplementing your barre classes with a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercises like walking, running or swimming.

If you want to get in shape or lose weight, barre classes can help you reach your fitness goals. The workout targets some of the body’s largest calorie-burning muscles and is low impact, so it’s not strenuous on your joints. Our classes are challenging but attainable for women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. Instructors will give modifications throughout the class so that everyone can feel comfortable.

What to expect after class?

After your first class, be sure to drink plenty of water so your muscles stay hydrated as they recover. You may be sore but stick with it as your body adjusts and gets stronger. Book your next class! Barre takes several classes to get the hang of, so be patient and give yourself time to learn the exercises and technique. We recommend taking class 3-5 times per week to get the best results. Our instructors are here to help you get the most out of each class so be sure to talk with them before or after class if you have any questions.

What is the cancellation policy?

Classes must be canceled 4 hours prior to class to avoid penalty $10 fee if you have a unlimited package, 1 class taken off other memberships or class passes.

Can I arrive late to class?

We request that you arrive 10 minutes early. Mats are set up for the number of students in each class. After 10 minutes you not be allowed to enter, no exceptions. this is to ensure and respect the groups pace and flow during class. if you do arrive late within the 10 minute window, we ask that you do a one minute warm up before joining the class.

Inclement Weather Policy

We will post on Facebook and Instagram should we need to cancel classes or close the studio due to inclement weather. Our staff and clients safety is paramount in any emergency situation.